Car full of pumpkins with Susie Hunt Moran

Susie Knows Halloween

The Costume + Snacks Edition! Halloween weekend is upon us and if you’re looking for a last-minute costume closet, look no further! Here are my favorite spots plus a nearby foodie treat to reward yourself after you find that perfect zombie gown or wizard beard:

Hollywood Vintage has a massive selection of wigs, shoes, hats, props and outfits. Follow  it up with a fried chicken or fried tofu behemoth of a sandwich at Basilisk at The Zipper across the street.fried tofu sandwich at Basilisk Portland

Southeast PDXers can pop into Red Light Clothing Exchange on Hawthorne for finding a full outfit or that missing piece – suspenders, clown noses, viking helmets, boas, gowns, crazy glasses, etc. Reward yourself with a chocolate-dipped Liege waffle at the Waffle Window.

interior costume store Portland Oregon

Finally, if you’re looking for a costume AND a bunch Halloween party favors/decorations/ then LippmanCo Party Store has you covered. Your balloon bunch will stay afloat long enough for you to pop into Shalom Y’all for labneh, kebabs and a Turkish Delight Slushy.

hummus labneh pita at Shalom Y'all in Portland Oregon

Stay safe + Happy Halloween!

For more fun events (pumpkin patches + corn “maizes”) check out



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