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Susie Knows Buyers: Emily & Travis

These two are such a sweet couple. I recently had the chance to help them find a house…here’s their story!

Emily’s backstory
I am from LA, but moved here 5 years ago to pursue a career in wine! About 3 years ago, I was lucky enough to get a job at Olympia Provisions and begin my wine education under Jess Hereth. When I’m not studying I love to explore new restaurants or take our two dogs to 1000 Acre Park to splash in the river.

Neighborhood of new home?

What were you looking for in a home?
A lot! Non-negotiably was a big backyard for our dogs, a garage or shed for my husband to build his workshop, a dining area where we could host dinners and a nice kitchen. We also wanted a third bedroom.

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How did the house-hunting go?
It was tough! We began looking in November and saw a lot of cute houses that just weren’t 100% right. A few times we wobbled on giving up one or more of our “must haves” but ultimately stayed strong. We both work full time and don’t have a ton of time for household projects so we needed something move-in ready, which eliminated some of the houses in our price point.

The hardest part was the competition. We saw a few houses we really, really loved and put offers in but were outbid on three occasions. Waiting to hear back from sellers was so stressful and it was devastating to put in a strong, competitive offer and STILL be outbid. We were pretty close to calling it quits in February when we found our house! The funny thing was we put our offer in on Tuesday and heard back from the sellers on Wednesday that our offer was accepted! The process went so slowly until all of a sudden it was going a million miles a minute. Susie really pushed and fought for us to close as soon as possible and we moved in the first weekend of March.

What’s your favorite part about your new home and/or neighborhood?
I love how quiet the neighborhood is. There is a real sense of community between the neighbors, which we didn’t have before.

I also love the proximity to Woodstock and Sellwood! The Portland Bottle Shop in Sellwood is my go-to warm weather spot. I like to grab a bottle of rosé and a plate of fries and people-watch. Lutz Tavern is a great, low-key bar on Woodstock that’s my favorite for a drink after a long day. It’s dark and relaxed, but they have great drinks and a slushy machine.

Any last thoughts?
If you’re looking to buy, follow your gut and don’t lose hope! There is definitely a house out there for you, and with Susie on your side you’ll find it soon enough!

Thanks for putting your trust in me, Emily and Travis! Best of luck to you and the doggies in your beautiful new home!
new homeowners portland oregon big key first american title susie hunt moran homes

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