Susie Knows Thanksgiving

Quick tips for the forthcoming food bonanza!

Turkey: New Seasons has you covered: Free-range, organic, non-GMO, heirloom, brined, etc. The only turkey they *currently* don’t have is the one that arrives before the guests to clean your whole house!

Tofurky: Don’t laugh…the vegan Tofurky Roast (made in Hood River!) is absolutely delicious when basted and cooked with veggies. Available at most Portland grocery stores, like Fred Meyer. Omnivore approved!




Bread: Grand Central (Stuffing + pies too!)

Gravy: My husband aka Wannabe Chef Mike Moran has perfected it. It is TOP SECRET but if you really want the recipe, call me and I will break into my own kitchen and steal it for you! (503) 970-9866.

Wanna skip the kitchen entirely? See what restaurants still have availability here.

Thanks for your friendship and have a wonderful holiday!

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