Susie Knows NW Sasquatch Brewery + Taproom

I have a new favorite PDX brewery! Opened in the NW Industrial District earlier this year, Sasquatch Brewery + Taproom provides the quintessential Pacific NW outing for locals and visitors alike  – a must-do after a hike in nearby Forest Park! Sip your IPA or cider next to the very tank it was fermented in while you wait for your tasty sandwich to descend down the dumbwaiter from the kitchen above. Sour beer aficionados are in luck here – there were 3 options on tap on my last visit including the Nancy Cherrygan. There’s a thoughtful assortment of both meaty and meatless food items (try the Bloodless Mary!) and the staff are the nicest people in town.

Through Saturday, stop by for the special VegWeek Spaghetti + Meatless Meatballs sub!

2531 NW 30th Ave. Portland, OR 97210 (503) 841-5687

Mural by local artist Chris Bigalke!

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