Meet Brianna, Tim +Maggie!

As many of you know, I’m a dog person. And so it was a real treat to work with the awesome couple that is Brianna and Tim – more dog people! They recently moved into a lovely Craftsman with a large front porch (just waiting for summer!), a fireplace, hardwood floors, comfy rooms, walk-in closets and thoughtful landscaping amid a fenced yard (perfect for a certain puppy!) Here’s their story:

Brianna and Tim


We were both born and raised in Portland, so we feel so fortunate we were able to land here after we met in college at the University of Oregon.

Neighborhood of new home?

Grant Park

What were you looking for in a home?

We both grew up in NE Portland, so we were definitely honing in on that part of town. Our first house in Westmoreland was a sweet little bungalow, but we were looking for a little more space to put some roots down.

How did it go?

The process was extremely FAST. It was love at first sight with our house, so we got our previous home on the market as quickly as possible. Of course the whole process overlapped with some travel abroad that we already had planned – we were so grateful to be in Susie’s capable hands and she eliminated a lot of stress from the process.

What’s your favorite part about your new home and/or neighborhood?

We just feel right at home in the neighborhood! We’re nestled in between our childhood homes (where our parents still live) in Irvington and Rose City. We love strolling along the idyllic, winding streets in the neighborhood and the close proximity to get around town.

Favorite close-by restaurant/park?

We are steps away from Grant Park, which is heaven for our 7 month old golden retriever puppy, Maggie. We’re happy to be close to our favorite Portland-y restaurant (Ox) but are equally excited to be so close to good ol’ neighborhood haunts like McPeets for Duck and Blazer games and Du’s Grill for takeout.

Any additional stories about your home since you moved in?

Looking forward to hosting BBQs this summer in our backyard oasis that the previous owners cultivated over the past 30 years! Maggie has already picked out her favorite spots by digging holes and rearranging a few plants…

Welcome back to Northeast PDX, Brianna, Tim and Maggie! Cheers to a summer of BBQs!

Susie Hunt Moran

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