Susie Knows Bridlemile/ Hillsdale Part 2

Neighboring Bridlemile to the southwest, Hillsdale boasts restaurants, bakeries, coffee shops, a laundromat, the Food Front Co-op and a pet boutique all within a five-minute walk on the main hub of SW Capitol Circle. I have clients who rave about the margaritas at Verde Cocina and Hillsdale earns its Portland cred by having its own tasty carts at the Hillsdale Food Park. These pods are conveniently located right behind Wilson High which was ranked among the nation’s top 1,200 high schools in 2006 by Newsweek. Quintessentially Portland, Hillsdale has its own Farmer’s market and a lovely branch of the Multnomah County Library System. It almost feels like a vacation town in the mountains but it’s just a ten minute drive to downtown.

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